Young Medicine

Young Medicine is a partnership that is currently in the start-up phase as an Arts & Entertainment company. Young Medicine is a First Nations Performing Arts Duo that promotes, performs and educates about First Nations Traditional and Contemporary Forms of Music, Dance, and Arts; they share their gifts and talents while sending a positive message of, “Be your own Person, and Follow your own Dreams” , while promoting unity of all Nations. Young Medicine performs at a number of communities, schools, corporate events and conferences worldwide. Young Medicine invites other performing artists to share their talents by promoting them through special events such as, Rock’N the Nations, World Championship of Performing Arts, and providing promotional services. Young Medicine shares First Nations Traditional and Contemporary stories through their merchandise; and they facilitate a variety of workshops, sharing the artist’s experiences and overcoming adversities as First Nations people to succeed in society.

Serving areas: Young Medicine serves all communities nationally and internationally

For more information contact:

Jamie Medicine Crane and Curt Young

(403) 329-1939